3 September 2010

Specialist in production of complex mechanical parts for general mechanical engineering and precision machining.

Langel is a company that specializes in machining for precision mechanical parts which was created in 1947 in Besançon in France. Since the company was taken over by the André family in 1997 it has significantly evolved (7 employees at the outset which has increased to the current number of 20) and now targets the production of complex parts.

Langel uses the latest generation machines and a powerful CAD/CAM software in order to target a niche market looking for high quality production. In a market where machining competition is becoming increasingly fierce Langel’s focus on high quality production appears to have been a key strategic decision. According to Pierre André, Managing Director of Langel “We try to avoid entering into direct competition with fellow machining competitors who seem to increasingly lower their prices in order to stay competitive. We target a market looking for complex, precise and high quality parts where our superior technical know-how and production offer an attractive solution to manufacturers in terms of price/quality.”

Langel and TopSolid

8 years ago Langel started to modernize its operations with the purchase of its first CNC machines. In order to pilot these CNC machines the company went in search of a CAM software. TopSolid was the solution chosen by the company. Today Langel is equipped with 5 TopSolid stations : 3 TopSolid’Cam, 1 TopSolid’Wire and 1 TopSolid’Pro. Nowadays TopSolid’Cam pilots such latest generation machines as:

  • HSM 5 axis continuous milling centre (DMU)
  • A 5 axis bi-spindle Mill/Turn machining centre (Mazak Integrex)

TopSolid’Wire, Missler Software’s integrated software solution for wire electro erosion machine, pilots a Fanuc machine at Langel.

In parallel to the technical development of the company Langel has a sales team to enrich its customer portfolio. At present Langel has customers both in France and internationally. The creation of its web site, the company’s participation in trade fairs both in France and internationally as well as continual prospecting are all essential tools for the present and future success of the company.
Langel possesses a strong know-how in precision mechanical engineering for the machining of unitary parts, prototypes, small and medium volumes, assembles or sub-assemblies using such machining techniques as : milling, turning, boring, linear or cylindrical rectification, wire erosion or sinking with diverse materials such as standard and non-standard steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys, plastics, composites, … Langel works in such domains as aeronautics, arms, nuclear, medical, connector technology, electro mechanics, robotics, automobile, agro-alimentary,…

The fully integrated solution from TopSolid (complete integration from design right through to production) has permitted Langel to offer not only a CAM solution but also a global CAD/CAM solution (study, design and production) for all projects. Despite the company’s traditional presence in the machining world Langel is increasingly targeting the needs of Design Departments « Being identified as offering a Research and Design service is not evident for us with our historical emphasis being on machining. However, contractors are increasingly realising the advantages open to them by directly linking the conception and production stages. Working with a solution that is completely associative and parametric is a big plus for us today” states Dimitri André, Technical Manager at Langel.
Machining still remains the principal activity for Langel. The company’s know how is based on a solid knowledge and experience in machining processes on conventional materials using CNC machines for milling, rectification and electro erosion. TopSolid’Cam and TopSolid’Wire are indispensable tools using by all machine workshops: the ease of use, the real-time simulation of complex machining, trochoidal machining, … are just some examples of the benefits offered by the TopSolid line.

The choice of TopSolid by Langel in 2000 permitted the company to concentrate on complex parts with an important value added which now in fact represents the core of Langel’s work. “We needed a powerful software to pilot our complex machines. TopSolid’Cam has risen to the challenge and we are very satisfied” states Pierre André.

Langel continues to invest in the most modern machines on the market. The company has just acquired an Integrex machine from Mazak which will be piloted with TopSolid’Cam. Langel is clearly a good example of a modern company which has managed to continue to progress in an age when the mechanical industry is increasingly suffering. The key to success for this company is its continued investment in CNC machines and in the integrated CAD/CAM solution from TopSolid which enables these machines to be exploited to their maximum.

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