14 December 2017

Stylish, colorful and shimmering woven wicker chairs since 1885.

The company:

La Maison Drucker, founded in 1885, makes the stylish, colorful and shimmering woven wicker chairs found on many Parisian café terraces. These world famous terraces owe a lot to the Drucker style.

After its hour of glory, the company based in the Oise region of France, ran into hard times, and was taken over some 10 years ago by Bruno Dubois, an engineer and an entrepreneur, who has restored the splendor of this high-potential brand. Leading decorators the world over have now returned to the La Maison Drucker, whose style is exported around the planet. The rebirth and the adventure are now continuing in the company of his son Diego, who is gradually rationalizing and modernizing working methods and the means of production. The company wants to protect its image and the range-topping quality of its products. It is also introducing new long-cycle means of production that enable the company to produce the volumes that its growing customer base is demanding.

The products:

The chairs, manufactured using traditional methods, are made up mainly of a rattan structure, a wooden seat frame, made in the Vosges mountains, and elaborate wickerwork seats and backs. La Maison Drucker specializes in the manufacture of the rattan structures and weaving. The functional, robust and attractive range must continually meet the demands of some of the world’s top decorators. Styled by leading designers, the chairs must be perpetually adapted in terms of dimensions and design, while also proposing new styles and patterns.


La Maison Drucker invested in TopSolid in 2016, in an effort to keep pace with these changing demands, to secure its know-how and to manufacture its products on an industrial scale. The chairs are parametrically modeled in three dimensions, a method that allows new prototypes to be studied and adapted to reflect the designer’s intentions perfectly, and to meet manufacturing requirements. Drawings and images can be produced to memorize the different models and the company’s traditional know-how in the long term.

The models are gradually being transformed into a digital format, a step that is essential to the company’s continued development and growth. The modeling of the complex shapes (there are no straight lines!) required the valuable help of Missler’s support teams in order to model the chairs correctly and to the right dimensions.


Bruno, Diego Dubois (La Maison Drucker): “Using TopSolid has enabled us to progress significantly. While modeling these types of objects is a complex business that demands precise know-how, the progress we have made in terms of communications with our customers and industrial production have enabled us to take an essential step forwards and reap some significant benefits. Missler Software provided us with strong support in the management of these changes.” 

Christian Arber (President and CEO, Missler Software): “Paris is my adopted home, and, like many others, I have always been fascinated by the terraces of Parisian cafés (Café de Flore, La Coupole, etc.) and their emotional and cultural importance. When I discovered that La Maison Drucker had opted for TopSolid, I could not resist ordering some Montsouris chairs! They are stylish, attractive and strong. A really excellent product!”

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