31 January 2014

Thanks to the presence of Airbus in Toulouse, the aerospace sector is the historical flagship of industry in South-West France. The TopSolid solutions are the perfect match for the needs of subcontractors in this sector. Freyssinet Aéronautique Equipement opted for TopSolid almost 10 years ago

Based in Couffouleux, near Toulouse, France, the company has grown from 6 to 80 employees in 20 years by specializing in high added-value subassemblies. Elementary parts, kitted supplies and equipment made of composites are just part of the range of mechanical equipment that Freyssinet produces for the aerospace industry. 

The change from traditional manufacturing methods to an industrial-strength production process raised the question of CAD-CAM software, which was already installed, but little used. After a 2-month trial, the company selected Catia and TopSolid. TopSolid finally clinched the deal by meeting all of the company’s specifications. Benoît Lahiton, Director of Manufacturing, remembers: “The team of operators appreciated TopSolid’s ease of use and the fun side of the software. They particularly liked the rough management features, the file import/export and the integration of the CAM.” 

Freyssinet currently has four TopSolid licenses, ranging from TopSolid’Wire to TopSolid’Design. The advantages of the solution that Freyssinet values include the possibility to strategically qualify data and cost parts, the 3D virtual workshop, the faculty to digitize and reuse all the data and the reliable transition between programming and simulation, which are all particularly relevant to its activity. 

In the medium term, Freyssinet plans to invest in an additional TopSolid’Cam license to gain better command of its digital platform and boost its industrial performance. This aspect is at the very heart of Freyssinet Aero’s strategy.  “We are a service company and a manufacturer”, emphasizes company President Philippe Parsoire.  “This is the only way we can prevent our customers from looking elsewhere for these local services, which we can offer at a competitive price.”

Freyssinet can count on TopSolid in its never-ending question to boost its productivity and secure its markets.

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