24 November 2015

Built around a digital chain formed by TopSolid'Wood and TopSolid'WoodCam CAD/CAM software, the original approach adopted by this SME involves customers in the design of their furniture. A source of satisfaction for the latter and proof of the responsiveness of this company from the north of France.

Building bespoke and life-changing spaces

Practicing what they preach on a daily basis, the guiding principle of the company, which has its roots in a cabinetry workshop established in 1948 in Roubaix, has been a great success with its customers: "We specialize in creating bespoke furniture for retailers, hotels, restaurants, the health care sector, the service industry... but also for individuals," explains Jean-Maurice Morque who took over the running of the brand in 2009 to bring it into the 21st century. Free-thinking and open-minded, this small company employs some 30 professionals; an enthusiastic team constantly driven by a concern for efficiency that combines soft skills with technological know-how. "We call our customers 'beneficiaries', as they are actively involved in the creation of their furniture," the specialist points out. "Experts in their daily lives, our clients arrive with a project and a host of ideas about the future use of the furniture. It is our job to bring these ideas to life and to propose innovative solutions that reflect current trends, such as these connected furniture pieces or this 400 m2 writable colored wall or even this brasserie with the atmosphere of a nightclub..."

The objectives of Crouzet Agencement are many: to bring value to customers, to reward the work of employees and partners, to do more using less resources, to keep on learning and improving, to standardize best practices and to share and safeguard the company's knowledge. "On our premises, there are no offices, simply collaborative workspaces where the customer is welcomed as an expert," explains Jean-Maurice Morque. "They sit down as part of the team with the design office, workshop and installation. They explain what they want, we listen, and they build their project with our specialists and also those within our network to achieve the expected outcome. 2D and 3D visuals speak louder than words when it comes to being understood." 

The centerpiece of this "project" style organization: Missler Software's TopSolid’Wood and TopSolid’WoodCam CAD/CAM software (computer-aided design and manufacturing) which have been installed since 2008. Plans drawn with TopSolid'Wood are transformed in a blink of an eye into a machining program with TopSolid'WoodCam which is then transferred to CNC machines in the workshop. One can thus quickly create a physical model of the future furniture, allowing the customer to walk around the object and decide knowingly on any modifications. In other words, "we can draw by hand and then leave the sphere of imagination to go into the concrete realm." This approach significantly reduces prices and deadlines. "With the traditional approach, the customer launches a call for tender and an architect draws up a first draft, but without knowing whether the plans are feasible. This wastes valuable time before production," says the manager of Crouzet Agencement. "Our digital approach enables customers to work on all the functions of their furniture, right from the design phase." In this way, a future bar owner can perfect the various uses of his work tool, improving the components and layout of the furniture to eliminate downtime. All that then needs to be done is to go over these changes in TopSolid'Wood to draw up the final furniture plan so that the necessary supplies can be procured and then manufacturing on TopSolid'WoodCam can begin. The customer therefore has precise documentation of the production phases with a significant improvement in quality and responsiveness. Another advantage of the Missler solution is data security, an invaluable asset for the company, as plans are stored on external servers accessed via the cloud. Not to mention the relationship of trust which was immediately struck up with specialists from the French software publisher: "Our regional Missler Software contact, Matthieu Bourdier, is not only a salesman for us but a real advisor, with whom we are still in regular contact. He helps us make the best decisions for the company "says Jean-Maurice Morque.

Essential assets in this period of economic crisis where customers have difficultly deciding and where the company finds itself constantly confronted with a lack of visibility. "Projects are decided upon at the last minute and we must be equipped with the best tools to be able to respond almost instantly," says the expert. An ongoing challenge for the team that must each time expect the unexpected and be able to master complex pieces of furniture that are getting smarter and smarter: incorporating electronic devices, energy-efficient lighting, high-tech sensors, screens, etc. They become important links in the user information system, capable of capturing and playing back messages. A team made up of men and women with a wide range of versatile and complementary skills that makes all the difference, able to master a variety of shapes and materials by working together. Furthermore, equality in the workplace is not an empty concept at Crouzet Agencement; the feminine touch here is an important asset. 

A high-quality digital chain combined with an efficient and passionate team are what enable this company to look to the future with peace of mind. Established in Europe, it now has its sights set on more distant markets such as the Middle East, among others.      

 TopSolid'Wood and TopSolid'WoodCam: the strong points of the digital chain

- The drawing of plans and rapid manufacturing of an initial physical model allows customers to walk around the furniture, visualize it and analyze their project in detail

- The company can confidently address increasingly complex smart furniture projects

- Extremely accurate documentation of manufacturing operations

- Secure files stored on external servers accessed via the cloud

Jean-Maurice Morque's review: "Responsiveness and quality: the benefits of Missler's software tools are essential in this period of economic crisis where customers have difficultly deciding and where we find ourselves constantly confronted with a lack of visibility." 

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