23 May 2019

Imnoo AG is a dynamic software company developing cloud-based applications for the Mechanical, Electrical and Metal (MEM) industry.

Imnoo simplifies the way manufacturers handle inquiries from buyers. The cloud-based software solution enables the quotation process to be highly efficient and digitalizes each step, from the initial inquiry to the final offer.

Thanks to integrated Machine Learning, you can easily upload your STEP or STL files to virtually instantaneously calculate milling, rotation, setup and programming times without the need CAM programs.

"Marvin", the built-in virtual assistant, doesn't just take into account your previous sales, he also understands the basis of your calculations by analysing past CAD-files you have already used within Imnoo. Post calculations are therefore geared to your company production process in so far that Marvin learns how to optimize the calculations using your actual production costs.

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