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TopSolid'Design, ein vollständiges CAD-System

  1. Offene und flexible CAD-Software
  2. Vollständig integriertes PDM
  3. Unbegrenzte CAD-Konstruktion
  4. Parametrische Komponenten
  5. Assoziative Konstruktion
  6. Simulation und Überprüfung
  7. Automatisierte CAM-Produktionsdatei

Offene und flexible CAD-Software

  • Kommunikation mit den meisten auf dem Markt erhältlichen Formaten
  • Step, IGES, DXF/DWG, Solidworks, PTC, Catia...
  • Import von Punktwolken (xys, pts, ply...)
  • Direkte Bearbeitungswerkzeuge für Geometrie (FreeShape)

A fully integrated PDM

  • Integrated and transparent, making it easy to use.
  • Improves collaboration between sites, teams, and people.
  • Streamlines engineering and production processes.
  • Reduces the risk of design and manufacturing errors.
  • Increases productivity by capitalizing on knowledge.
  • Manages minor/major revisions of all types of documents (part, assembly, etc.).
  • Manages data and access security and tracks changes.
  • Manages the product life cycle.
  • Deployable as a single user, in a local network or in a multisite.
  • Search by metadata and by use case.

Limitless CAD design

  • Model your ideas in 3D without restriction, express your creativity!
  • Hybrid solid / surface modeling tools
  • Dedicated business commands (drilling, grooving, pocketing, etc.)
  • Complete sheet metal CAD module (flattening, bending loss rules, rolling with over-length...)
  • Numerous integrated component libraries
  • ISO, AFNOR, DIN mechanical components
  • Integrated access to TraceParts and Padlock
  • ISO GPS tolerancing, directly on the 3D model, or in drawing.

Parametric components

  • TopSolid'Design, CAD software, allows maximum capitalization on your know-how. When profitability meets your innovation!
  • The most complete parameterization engine on the market, totally integrated and without programming
  • Unlimited fields of application
  • Management of invalidities
  • Integrated machining processes

Associative design

  • Save time on your modifications and avoid many errors
  • Assembly modeling software based on a functional drawing
  • The modification of the outline leads to the update of the design while respecting the rules of the designer and the manufacturing constraints
  • The update of the 3D design leads to the update of the production documents (drawings, exploded views, bills of material...)

Simulation and verification

  • Articulate and simulate your 3D designs to anticipate problems and collisions.
  • Collaborate easily with your teams by visualizing the operating principles of your designs.
  • Complete definition of the kinematic chain of a design, independently of the structure of the assembly.
  • TopSolid'Design allows you to simulate kinematics and dynamics, analyze collisions between rigid groups and take measurements (speed, distance, etc.).

Automated CAM production file

  • TopSolid'Design, CAD software, allows the automation of repetitive and tedious tasks and favors the concentration on your added value
  • Automatic creation of standardized and dimensioned drawings
  • Exploded drawings and assembly instructions
  • Automated drawing sets (assembly of several drawings)
  • Cutting lists (profiles, sheets, screws...), supply lists, purchase lists...
  • Export in many formats (3D PDF, FBX, STEP, DXF, DWG,...)
  • CAPM software allowing integrated bar coding to facilitate the flow and better manage supplies

CAD software with realistic rendering

  • An unparalleled immersion for your customers. Avoid misunderstandings and facilitate decision making!
  • Fully integrated realistic rendering. Real-time (working mode), and also raytraced to produce photorealistic images.
  • PBR material management (color, roughness, normals, metallicity...)
  • Object integration, 3D machine on photo

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Mit TopSolid'Viewer können Sie jedes TopSolid-Dokument (Entwurf, Zeichnung, Bearbeitung, Kinematik usw.) ansehen und weitergeben, ohne eine TopSolid-Lizenz zu benötigen. TopSolid'Viewer ist kostenlos und in den Versionen 6 und 7 erhältlich.


TopSolid'Store bietet kostenlos herunterladbare Inhalte rund um TopSolid.

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