Manufacturer of marine electronics for the yachting, fishery and commercial marine markets.

Simrad is one of the world's largest manufacturers of marine electronics for the yachting, fishery and commercial marine markets. The complete range of products from Simrad is available for many different types of marine activity, including auto steering, navigation, hydro acoustic and communication equipment. Simrad has been the leading producer of hydro acoustic equipment for research purposes since 1960; it was the first company to introduce multi-frequency sonars in 1982. These sonars enable the study of halieutic resources (mass, divide, behaviour) measurement of the size and displacements, tallying and the study of plankton in all its habitats (sea, rivers, lakes, …) The National Marine Electronics Association has just granted 4 new awards to Simrad. This is the 10th consecutive year where Simrad has received such a prestigious award for its products.

For many years now Simrad has had a strong relationship with Jean Luc Van den Heede who has made 5 solo round the world voyages. His most recent claim to fame was breaking the world record by going “backwards” around the world in his boat “Adrien”– and ,therefore, against the winds and dominant currents. The “Adrien” is fully equipped with Simrad’s electronic equipment. During his most recent feat, Jean Luc Van den Heede tested, for the first time in a racing sail boat, a new generation of compass, the Gyrocompas/GPS HS50. This type of compass, which is based on the GPS network, substantially improves the performance of the pilot compared to the compass/gyro meter previously used. The radar RA40, another essential piece of electronic equipment, has without doubt spared Jean Luc Van den Heede many difficulties by detecting floating or sailing obstacles.

TopSolid at Simrad

In July 2004, Simrad acquired 2 TopSolid stations to design its entire product range. TopSolid enables Simrad to present its products schematically with a realistic 3D rendering. In addition, many shipyards use TopSolid which facilitates the exchange of files between Simrad and its clients.