6 February 2023

Metal and glass balustrades, doors, fire doors, windows, shop windows, canopies, building entrances, staircases, gates, glazing... Paul Weber AG, based in Seewen, Switzerland, offers a complete range of services and products in metal and steel construction. As a versatile and flexible company, the company also produces various unique designs. Given the high demand for steel construction for halls, roofs, pillars, balcony extensions and balconies, Paul Weber AG decided to acquire new CAD software to support its growth. After thoroughly evaluating the various solutions on the market, the company chose to work with TopSolid'Steel, which was particularly convincing due to its versatility. A look back at a successful collaboration!

Paul Weber AG: 100 years of family know-how

The foundation stone of Paul Weber AG Metall-und Stahlbau was laid in 1917 by Karl Weber. The company was founded in 1918 as a metal construction workshop. The founder's son, Paul Weber, took over the successful company in the 1950s and ran it under the name Paul Weber Eisenbau until his retirement.

In 1981, Eugen Weber, who already owned the company Metallbau Eugen Weber in Schwyz, took over the company Paul Weber. In 2001, after adding an aluminium workshop, he completely dissolved the company Metallbau Eugen Weber and integrated the Schwyz workshop in Seewen.

In 1998, his son Stefan Weber joined the company and managed the current Paul Weber AG Metall- und Stahlbau.

Over the years, the workshop has been expanded by several extensions and constantly modernised. Today, steel construction is the main activity area, and the company employs 18 people, including 2 apprentice steel builders.

From 2D to 3D: how Paul Weber wanted to equip itself with a new software solution

The steel construction company has used a 2D CAD program to support its projects. However, a particular order highlighted the shortcomings of this software and encouraged the workshop to equip itself with a new solution.

In 2021, Paul Weber AG received an order from Trinkler Architekten AG to convert and renovate a residential building in Zug. The task was to install a new staircase from the attic to the gallery floor. The stair string on the wall side was to be built into the wall. The outer stair string had to be adapted to integrate the handrail and the landing railing into the stair string. "At that point, we had reached the limit of what our 2D CAD program could do," explains Stefan Weber, owner of Paul Weber AG. Before buying or renting a new version, the management evaluated the various software providers.

The decision to switch to 3D was quickly made. In addition to TopSolid, other 3D solution providers were in the running. TopSolid'Steel was finally chosen because of its global approach.

TopSolid'Steel: the obvious choice

TopSolid'Steel is a suitable solution for steel construction and has convinced by its versatility, the structure of the program, the excellent presentation, and the training of the employees. Since the beginning of 2022, Paul Weber AG has been working with TopSolid's 3D CAD software solution.

The teams at Paul Weber AG also appreciate that the areas that are important for the production of steel structures and steel construction, in general, are available in a single licence module. Creating a production file from 3D facilitates the visualisation and automatic generation of drawings, supply lists, bills of material, etc., and ultimately saves the company much time!

TopSolid'Steel is the ideal solution for structure design, organisation, and production. Steel, wood, glass, metal, composite, plastic, stone... The software's multi-material approach allows you to model any project and then benefit from a realistic rendering to facilitate your clients' decision-making. The parametric components also will enable you to capitalise on your know-how and save considerable time.

The demanding staircase construction with integrated handrails could be planned immediately with the TopSolid'Steel CAD software. This powerful solution includes all the functions required to design steel structures. Its unique, innovative, and user-friendly interface made TopSolid’Steel easy to learn. And if necessary, Paul Weber AG knows they can count on TOPSOLID's support. "The cooperation with the TOPSOLID Switzerland AG team works well. Problems are solved online promptly," explains Josef Camenzind, implementation planner.

TOPSOLID Switzerland AG, with its team of 25 people based in Hünenberg, has been successfully distributing and developing software in Switzerland for many years. Close contact with customers and the Swiss market is essential to TOPSOLID Switzerland AG. TOPSOLID Switzerland Ltd. is responsible for software development, sales, service, consulting, and training. This makes TOPSOLID a reliable partner throughout the entire product life cycle. TopSolid Switzerland AG's customers appreciate this proximity and the opportunity to participate in software development.

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