Efficient CAD/CAM and ERP solutions to improve productivity.

Name:Frebo B.V.
Web Site:www.frebo.nl
TopSolid Seats:2 TopSolid'Design, 2 TopSolid'Cam
Activity:Metal industry supplier  

Central-driven production

The Frebo organisation is designed for lean production within a central-driven production organisation. Compared with more traditional production methods, Frebo moves the focus from the work floor to work preparation. All digital data is collected into a number of systems combined using the Frebo Portal:

  • All programming work, machine properties and specifications of the clamping devices are classified in the TopSolid CAD/CAM system
  • Logistics is controlled in the Plan-de-CAMpagne ERP package (developed by the Dutch TopSolid VAR, Bemet International B.V) 
  • Maintenance of all machines is managed in Jansen Machine Management
  • The tools and measurement devices are found in Adcos Production Management
  • Accounting is done in Accountview
  • IT management is performed through Q-solve

“This helps us to organise the product process more efficiently and use the maximum machine capacity,” points out director Henk Reinders. “Automation is key to this.”

Simulation in CAD/CAM, quality guarantee

“All CNC programmes are created and managed centrally in the work preparation using the advanced TopSolid CAD/CAM system. All machine properties and specifications of the tools and clamping devices are entered there. We always test and optimise the resetting processing in a realistic computer simulation before we release a CNC programme for production,” says CAD/CAM engineer, Ronald Bartels.

"A successful computer simulation provides 100% security that the machine manufacturing is under control and production errors are excluded."

The main advantages

  • Manufacturing or adjustments made are directly visible (real-time programming)
  • User-friendly, reliable and easy-to-learn
  • Assemble several products rapidly and simply
  • Production errors are excluded through simulation of the machine manufacturing
  • Production number from Plan-de-CAMpagne with an automatic Track & Trace number from TopSolid on each product to be milled
  • Rapid, error-free work with features

Selection process

The choice of TopSolid was quickly made. “TopSolid is simply a good CAD/CAM package and we already had good relations with the supplier Bemet,” recalls Henk Reinders. “But, the biggest advantage of TopSolid is that the package can be combined with Plan-de-CAMpagne and APM. This allows us to control production from work preparation systems that are completely interconnected.”

Customer feedback

"TopSolid and Plan-de-CAMpagne are a significant aid to the successful organisation of work preparation. With the goal being to produce as efficiently as possible.” explains Henk Reinders, company director at Frebo. “With TopSolid, the number of required chucks is reduced from 10 to 2 per hydraulic block. That’s 80% less!” explains Ronald Bartels, a CAD/CAM engineer

Technical work preparation

Using the parts lists, protocols and work blueprints created by work preparation, depending on the machine, tools and chucks are mounted and set up. “Only once controls show that these tasks have been completed successfully, can production be started on the machine,” says Henk Reinders.
At Frebo, the machines are not programmed by people at that machine, but are controlled through the network by computers. Director Reinders says that this means that the entire production capacity is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week: “This allows us to be flexible to meet the needs of clients in numbers and delivery times.”

Reliable production devices

Lean and unmanned production requires the utmost reliability of production devices. “This not only means machines, but also tools and clamping devices. We follow a strict policy for the management and maintenance of these devices to rule out all risks that could lead to undesirable production interruptions,” says Ronald Bartels. “Fine-tuning everything perfectly during the work preparation phase, using systems such as Plan-de-CAMpagne and TopSolid, eliminates the chance of errors during production, including defective tools, incorrect chucking devices or collisions!”

All knowledge and experience combined into one

Central work preparation is responsible for all decisions in the areas of planning, manufacturing strategy and selection of production devices. Henk Reinders tells why: “All resetting knowledge and experience is brought together in the work preparation so that all aspects of the production process can be tailored to each other there to carefully fill an order. For this, we use the powerful Plan-de-CAMpagne ERP system to which all machines and workstations in the company are connected.”

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