TopSolid Patches

To improve performance and get latest features, Missler Software regularly updates all its TopSolid products using stand alone patches. Please note that these patches require an official TopSolid licence to be correctly installed.

Since TopSolid 2010, TopSolid'Update maintains TopSolid up to date automatically.

For older versions, all the patches are available on our FTP site on

On FTP site, select your product, your version, "Patch" folder, "64bits" folder if required, then downloathe appropriate patch.
Example: TopSolidCam, v6.10, Patch, TopSolid_CamWire_Patch_610220.exe

Note: Please note that the TopSolid patches include updates for all of these products:

  • TopSolid'Design and Draft
  • TopSolid'Mold
  • TopSolid'Fold
  • TopSolid'Wood
  • TopSolid'Progress (from 2005 release)

Patches Instructions

How to install TopSolid patches

  • Download the patch in a directory of your computer (for example : C:\Missler\Patch)
  • Decompress the zipped files (use a recent WinZip release available on
  • After decompression of all files, double-click on "setup.exe" to run the patch installation (TopSolid must not be running)
  • Download the file you have selected to a hard drive on your computer which has sufficient free space.

NOTE: Once you download the file and run it, you can delete it. When you run the file, it can be located in any directory/folder.
Make sure that the downloaded file is the correct size, if it is not, there may have been an error downloading and you should try downloading it again. If you continue to have troubles downloading, please check with your system administrator or Internet provider to determine the cause of the download problem.

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