TopSolid'Newsletter #66

Thanks to its unique and very innovative architecture TopSolid’Cam 7 will enable you to go much further than with older CAM systems.

TopSolid'Cam 7 is now available

Missler Software is currently launching TopSolid’Cam 7, the 7th generation of its CAM software TopSolid’Cam. The French CAM/CAM developer released TopSolid’Design 7 2 years ago and now completes its integrated CAD/CAM solution with the release of TopSolid’Cam 7.

Comletely based on new software technology TopSolid 7 offers huge innovations on the CAD/CAM market. TopSolid 7 has been entirely re-thought and rewritten both in terms of software technology and methodology.

TopSolid’Cam 7’s revolutionary interface and exceptional performances will allow its users to machine faster and more accurately.

Strong features of TopSolid’Cam 7 

  • Only CAM software to be completely rewritten and to have adopted a native Windows 7 ergonomy (modern, intuitive and very powerful interface).
  • Only CAM software to manage files, machine tools, cutting tools and ISO files with an integrated and transparent PDM.
  • Machining of the designed part without worrying about tolerances or data re-entry thanks to the new FreeShape function. (In mechanical engineering the machined part is often very different to the nominal part).
  • Without forgetting the key functions already proposed in version 6 of TopSolid’Cam

    • Stock management for all milling and turning operations.
      Strong CAD integration and use of features to enable part redesign for ultimate machining.
    • Save and reuse company know-how.
    • Advanced simulation of lathes/milling machines.
    • Creation of operating files which manage tracking system needs for sub-contractors.

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"Missler Software is for the moment the only CAD/CAM developer to have completely rewritten its CAD/CAM product line. Such an R&D project seemed absolutely necessary for us in order to answer evolving customer needs." explains Christian Arber, CEO of Missler Software.
Tool management with the TopSolid libraries.

TopSolid'Cam 7 explained by Missler Software CEO

In a recent interview on TopSolid'Cam 7 Christian Arber, CEO of Missler Software, gives his view on the new software generation 7. 

Why have you developed a 7th generation of TopSolid?

The development of TopSolid’Cam 7 began 6 years ago. Our main motivation behind the development of this generation was to be able to offer a completely rewritten and new software to our users. TopSolid as we currently know it (version 6) has been around since the 1990’s. Our aim with TopSolid 7 is to be the first CAD/CAM software on the market to launch a product line that is completely up-to-date with the technological advances of the 21st century and to offer our customers a future with a new, rewritten software.

Does TopSolid 7 have the same philosophy as version 6? 

Yes of course… Missler Software continues to offer a completely integrated CAD/CAM/ERP solution for our customers. We offer tailor-made, integrated solutions for the mechanical engineering, sheetmetal and wood industries. These have and will continue to be the main differentiating points of TopSolid with the competition. 

Can you summarize TopSolid’Cam 7 in 3 key points?

I will try but it’s not easy… I would have to insist on PDM, user-interface and performance.

  • Firstly with TopSolid’Cam 7 the user is not only working with a geometrcial software but also a solution that has an integrated database. This enables TopSolid’Cam 7 users to easily manage their tools, machines and toolpaths. All drafts and BOMs can be directly consulted within the software by the R&D Department. The end result is significant time gains for the user who can manage all technical data easily and transparently with TopSolid’Cam 7.
  • TopSolid’Cam 7 is without a doubt a very user-friendly solution that enables users to be operational very quickly (The software has progressed enormously in terms of user interface compared to version 6). We have developed a software which we believe to be the closest possible to customer needs and is better adapted to modern day CAD/CAM software use. (TopSolid’Cam 7 is native Windows 7).
  • Today’s industrial reality shows us that companies produce increasingly complex parts and machines are increasingly sophisticated. Our aim is to provide a CAM software that can manage all these technological advances while offering increased performances for users. TopSolid’Cam 7 easily manages large assemblies and the most complex machines in record times. 

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    Don't miss all the new functions of TopSolid 2012 and TopSolid 7.6

    TopSolid 2012 and TopSolid 7.6 are now available

    Missler Software has just launched TopSolid 2012 and TopSolid 2012 for the mechanical, wood & sheetmetal and tool making & die manufacturing industries. There are many new functions and improvements in store for these 3 industries with time and productivity gains being the main benefits for the TopSolid user.

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    Customer of the month: Rohde & Schwarz

    The electronics company, Rohde & Schwarz, is a leading solutions provider in the field of test & measurement technology, broadcasting, radio monitoring and location, and secure communications. Having been founded over 70 years ago, this independent company has a worldwide presence with its services and a tightly-knit service network in over 70 countries. With a headcount of 7200 employees, the company has annual turnover figures of more than €1 billion. The company has its head office in Munich.
    A few years ago the company decided to replace its existing programming environment for milling and turning with the integrated TopSolid CAD/CAM system from Missler Software.

    TopSolid won us over not only by its unsurpassed functionality for turning and milling, but also by being at least on a par with the other systems when it comes to change processing. The design module can operate with many CAD formats and also offers the possibility of modifying imported files, for example in order to displace an edge, if the designer has not centred the tolerances. For a parametric system, this is by no means a given," explains Mr. Hauner.

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    Hint of the month: TopSolid'Cam

    In TopSolid'Cam 7 most 4/5 continuous axis operations are variants of 2D or 3D machining functions. Put simply this means that an operator can, for example, program an operation in 2 or 3 axis, transform it in 4 or 5 continuous axis and if he desires transform this back to the original 2 axis opertion without redoing the entire operation. The choice of machining strategy is therefore greatly simplified.

    In the video the operator programs a 3 axes iso-parametric operation, transforms it in 5 continuous axis and then switches back to the original 3 axis operation.  

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